À La Carte

  • Shrimp Avocado Salad 12.90
  • Grilled Chicken And Mango Salad 12.90
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad 12.90
  • Duck Confit Salad 12.90
  • Imperial Egg Rolls 12.90

Table d'Hôte

All our table d’hôte options come with either the soup of the day or a Meridional salad, and a dessert.

  • Costa Del Sol Catch Of The Day 17.90

    Chef's choice of fish with salsa

  • Shrimps 18.90

    Flambé with cream of leak sauce

  • Grilled Chicken 16.90

    with cream of mushroom sauce

  • Grilled Flank Steak 19.90
  • Pasta of the Day 13.90

Specials for Dinner

The chef has created this wonderfully mediterranean-inspired menu for everyone to enjoy as a show of appreciation to all our guests.

We offer generous but smaller portions for an affordable 20$ compared to our regular menu table d’hôte.

Here are your choices.

Choice of Appetizer

  • Soup Of The Day
  • Meridional Salad
  • Mushroom Puff Pastry

Choice of Main Course

  • Couscous

    3-meat couscous served with veal, merguez, chicken, and vegetables

  • Chicken Tajine

    Drumstick with lemon confit and olives

  • Pasta Of The Day

    Your choice of tomato, rosé, creamy Alfredo sauce

  • Catch Of the Day Costa Del Sol

    Fish filet pan fried in Mediterranean spices served with capers, roasted peppers, fresh mango, thyme, lime juice and sea salt in Moroccan olive oil

  • Shrimps

    With saffron and cream of white wine

Choice of Dessert

  • Royal Palace

    Chocolate cake

  • Mousse

    Sweet lime mixed into ricotta cheese

20.00$ +tax & service

Chef's Specialties

The chef has prepared these traditional Moroccan dishes for everyone to enjoy. Experience the true moroccan flavours from our most popular dishes.

This 3-course special offer starts at 25$.

A Choice of Appetizer

  • Soup Of The Day
  • Mushroom Puff Pastry
  • Meridional Salad

Choice of Main Course

  • NEW Pastilla 25

    Flaky pastry stuffed with chicken, almonds, and cinnamon. A traditional moroccan sweet and salty dish.

  • Veal Tajine 30

    With prunes

  • Chicken Tajine 30

    Half chicken with lemon confit and olives


  • Chef's choice



  • Goat Cheese Melt 6.50

    Melted goat cheese and pesto on baked coutons served with a small Meridional salad

  • Smoked Salmon 7.50

    Lemon pepper, olive oil, balsamic caramel and a small Meridional salad

  • Shrimp Pil-Pil 8.50

    Sautéed in olive oil, tomato sauce, bay leaves, garlic, and moroccan spices

  • Fish Soup 6.50

    Fish meat, vegetables, saffron

  • Escargots 6.50

    Garlic, white wine cream

  • Meridional Salad 4.50

    Mesclun salad with a homemade vinaigrette

  • Soup Of The Day 4.50

Table d'Hôte

All our table d’hôte options come with either the soup or a Meridional salad, and a Chef’s Choice dessert.


  • Crème Brulée 7.50

    Made with either Grand Marnier or espresso

  • Crème Caramel 3.50

    With a hint of orange blossom

  • Royal Palace 5.50

    Chocolate cake

  • Assorted Cheeses from Quebec

    For One | 9.50
    For Two | 15